UPDATE: ‘3andy Zoroof’ Singer Shyma Got Arrested after being Banned from Performing in Egypt

Via L'Express

After her music video went viral in Egypt (and the Arab world), Shyma got attacked from everyone for her video’s sexual content.


Shyma’s Apology


“3andy Zoroof” was seen as as provocative and inappropriate. But it wasn’t just the wrath of social media that was out to get the new star, the Syndicate of Musical Professions also banned her from performing ever again.


Via L’Express


Shyma posted an apology on her Facebook account, claiming that she “had no idea” that were sexual references on in video and that the production and direction team were to blame. She also apologized to her fans and the Syndicate, promising them that she will only stick to “true art” from now on.


Update: According to several sources, including Independent, the controversial star was arrested on suspicion of inciting debauchery in her music video. Her official videos were also removed from Youtube and the social media platforms. 



WE SAID THIS: We’re quite sure it wasn’t obvious enough that pouring milk on bananas is sexual.