EGP Government Starts Green-Roofing Initiative and Here’s Why You Should Follow

Via Energir

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment just launched a green-roof initiative to increase the green space nationwide; planting government buildings across the country. According to the announcement, the buildings will be planted with ornamentals, medical and, aromatic plants.

“Planting roofs of buildings and facilities is a civilized manifestation and a new form of agriculture in the cities to reclaim greenish spaces as a natural breath for citizens.” Said the Minister of Environment, Yasmine Fouad.

Via MTL Blog

The initiative reduces pollution and increases the oxygen for the people in the neighborhood, thus, the move should be extended and adapted by people at homes as well. Moreover, greening the roofs will also enhance the aesthetic views of buildings. The initiative will be a cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and the German Society for International Cooperation.

If more people got influenced and joined the cause, the environment will benefit drastically from such a movement. In addition to reducing pollution, increasing oxygen, enhancing the view, greening the roofs will also help decrease high temperature that decreases on roofs by seven degrees Celsius.

WE SAID THIS: Egypt deserves more greenery!