Amr Diab Turns 58 and Is Officially Living His Best Life

Egyptian legend and one of the best looking gentlemen in the region is celebrating his birthday on October 11. The icon Amr Diab is turning 58 this week and we just can’t handle it anymore.

The fact that he never seems to age isn’t baffling anymore, we’re just impressed by his state as a whole. The man who created his own genre of mideterranean music is living his best years.

The singer has the fashion style of a millennial. He’s proudly introducing new concepts to the mundane.

He’s never been more outgoing and relatable than these past two years. His popularity in all age groups is currently off the roof

He’s as fit as Vin Diesel

He’s the proud pappa of a brilliant songstress

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Talking to the ?

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He’s living an unapologetic love story with actress Dina El-Sherbiny; and it gives us hope in finding men fighting the world for women.

His new album was the only thing playing at summer parties

Amr Diab killed it on all sorts of stages this year; whether at Sahel or Cairo, the man is invincible.

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