Easy Taxi Launches Pay-By-Card Option in Egypt


Easy Taxi, one of the world’s leading mobile taxi hailing apps, has expanded throughout Cairo, connecting passengers with drivers that are tracked via any smartphone.

Riders have been accustomed to paying in cash, but recently, Easy Taxi launched the option to pay by credit and debit cards at the end of the ride in partnership with MasterCard and Arab African Bank. Once at your destination, the driver simply charges the credit card with the portable payment terminal

To date in Egypt, Easy Taxi has over 300,000 downloads and more than 100,000 monthly active sessions among over 10,000 passengers that rely on Easy Taxi to help them commute.

Once the app is launched, passenger’s locations are picked up and pinpointed, while the area is scanned for the nearest taxi, matching the driver to the commuter immediately on the app.

Easy Taxi aims to prioritize passenger safety and comfort by improving the culture of drivers in the city while offering a call center through which users can communicate, along with providing the drivers’ details, car license and photo.



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