15 Best Foul Places In Cairo

No one can argue when we say that foul is Egypt’s national dish. Some people have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have it with mostly anything: ta3meya, pastrami, eggs, sausages, tehina, hummus and more.

But with foul restaurants and carts scattered across the city in every corner, it makes it a little hard for anyone to actually find a decent place to indulge on this Ancient Egyptian dish (yes, we’ve researched that stuff and foul dates as far as the pharaohs), which is why we’ve decided to search every spot in Cairo to find the best places. You’re welcome.



Abou Rasha


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Located on Dokki’s Ibn Katheer Street, Abou Rasha’s cart hands down makes one the best plain foul (sandwiches) in the city. If you decide to eat there, make sure to abuse Abou Rasha’s generosity as he gives you unlimited bread.





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Not only is Ne3ma’s foul and pastrami sandwiches game so strong, but the place is equipped with an Instagrammable Nile view. You can find this gem in front of Agouza’s Police Hospital.



Akher Sa3a


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One of the best things about Akher Sa3a is that it’s 24/7, AKA they’ll be there for you when you’re home at 2AM drunk and craving foul. Akher Sa3a’s branches can be found scattered across the city.



El Nakheel


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You will find this cart parked in front of Maadi’s El Nakheel hospital, which is always a good thing when you have foul in case you get, you know, *cough* diarrhea *cough* but worry not, that shall never happen. Make sure to try their fool and eggs sandwiches.





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Alaa is the epitome of “started from the bottom now we’re here” as he had nothing but a cart in New Cairo’s Saint Fatima Street, which has now turned into a foul restaurant. Needless to say, it was because dem foul sandwiches were yum!





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Their bread is arguably one of the best breads to ever touch foul in Cairo. Or anywhere. Gad’s branches can be found scattered across the city.



Adwaa El 3alaam


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There’s a reason why this restaurant is located at New Cairo’s Triumph Square — their foul will always, always win its way to your heart. Make sure to get their dynamite sandwich with extra foul and less everything else and thank us later.





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Seeing people ordering things like 70 foul sandwiches and 34 foul and tehina sandwiches is totally normal at Bashandi cart. Head to Nasr City in front of City Stars and you’ll find out why.



Hamada Sheraton


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You’re not a Masaken Sheraton person unless you’ve had breakfast from Hamada’s cart. Make sure to go early (probably 8AM to 9AM) before it gets busy.





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Foul bel beed el metda7rag. Enough said! You can find this cart at Garden City.



3am Rabeea


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Foul with ta3meya sandwiches have never tasted more delicious. 3am Rabeea can be found on New Cairo’s Salah El Din Street.





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Yes, we know eating from a place that is basically called baby donkey in Arabic is not very comforting, but leave your judgments before you step inside Sayeda Zeinab’s Ga7sh restaurant and order their foul with zeit el 7ar (hot oil)!



Shabrawy Arabiata


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Please make sure when you order or head to the restaurant that it’s called Shabrawy Arabiata and not JUST Shabrawy. Their foul with 3een el katokoot (ta3meya stuffed with eggs) is a must-try. Shabrawy Arabiata branches can be found scattered across the city but we prefer the original Korba branch.



3am 7amada


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Agouza’s favorite 3am resides at Abdel Hameed Soliman Street. Foul with sausages is his speciality. Sorry, vegans…





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Do not judge us, and most importantly, don’t tell your grandma that you want to pay 7 LE for your foul sandwich. Make sure to try they foul with pickled lemons. Zooba’s branches can be found scattered across the city.



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