Eargasm: 10 Breathtaking Piano Songs For Your Study Sessions


If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to set the mood for your study session, reading time, or general alone time, look no further. We have exactly what you’re seeking to create the ideal ambiance for any of those endeavors. Just light your candles, prepare your coffee and jumpstart your brain with this round-up of inspirational piano ballads, thought-provoking soft scores, and good old timeless classics.




“Vector to the Heavens” from Memoria by Yoko Shimomura




“Surrender” by Omar Akram




“Waiting for the Sun” by David Nevue




“The Kiss” from The Hours by Philip Glass




“A Breathtaking Piano Piece” by Jervy Hou




“Luna” by BrunuhVille




“Metamorphosis” Part I by Philip Glass




“Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27” by Beethoven




“Sundial Dreams” by Kevin Kern




“The Approaching Night” by Philip Wesley




“Passion” from Kingdom Hearts II by Utada Hikaru, Covered by Kyle Landry




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