Eargasm: Heavy Pins for Seashell Beats


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.29.46 PMSeashell North Coast did us all a favor by answering that exasperating question of “What should we listen to?” by putting together a standout summer playlist of exclusive sets by local and international DJs.

Renowned Greek DJ Heavy Pins, aka Jim Panagopoulos, has mixed a fiery set just for Egypt that’s perfect for this summer heat, Sahel shenanigans and dance floor domination.

Save this track for those road trips and late nights that turn into early mornings or, better yet, download the Seashell Beats app for iPhone or Android to have Heavy Pins and other sets by talented artists right at your fingertips.




What’s in your personal music library that people would be surprised to know you listen to?


Normally, I listen to what I play, like Nu Disco, Deep House and Tech House. Sometimes, I listen to old disco, funk and soul music because they inspire me in my productions.



What’s your favorite nostalgia/old school track and why?


I have lots of favourites but one of them is James Brown – “Get On Up” because it makes me feel happy and like dancing whenever I hear it!



Ultimate summer 2015 track?


Anton Ishutin – “I’m On Fire (Ben Delay Remix)”. Good vocals, summer vibe and always works on the dance floor!!



What inspires your music?


My music is inspired by old disco well-known tracks – remakes of them that are more bouncy and powerful on the dance floor.



Why do you do what you do?



Because I LOVE what I do!!!!!



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