Dog Owners In Cairo, Here Is Why You Should Keep Your Dogs Leashed At All Times

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By Muhammed Aladdin

In the past few days, the infamous incident of two unleashed, privately-owned dogs attacking a child in Rehab has been the talk of the town. In response to the viral video detailing the mishap, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the two dogs to be taken into custody and put under quarantine for further testing.

Despite the different stances on the matter, reports have shown that the Cairo Governorate has started cracking down on unleashed pets in the aftermath of the incident. All over Maadi, Rehab, and the Fifth Settlement dog owners are advised to keep their pets on a leash at all times.

What happened to the Rehab child was horrific and irresponsible, but to punish responsible pet owners is not the answer.

Via Wattan News.

According to a report by Wattan News, following the incident, authorities raided public parks in the First Settlement, confiscating six privately-owned, unleashed dogs, and sending them to the Veterinary Medicine Directorate.

The matter of a dog’s license has also come into perspective, as even though most owners have vaccinated their pets, little of them apply for a license. The license is legal proof that a canine has been thoroughly vaccinated and that it poses no danger on humans, and applying for one is a fairly simple process.

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The license application is presented to the Veterinary Medicine Directorate after the dog has been properly vaccinated. The paperwork must include all the receipts for the vaccines, as well as general information about the pet itself.

Possession of a license provides legal protection for both the owner and the pet and protects the latter’s right to live. In addition, through the license, owners get the right to sue any individuals or government institutes responsible for beloved pets unfortunate death.

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