Do You Have Dentist Anxiety? You’re not the Only One!

By Sarah Alblowi

Even if you go to one of the best dentists out there like this Dentist in windsor, the mad scientist looking office, the reoccurring flashbacks from childhood, and laying helpless with someone poking at your teeth aren’t soothing. Walking into the suspiciously clean environment with vessels of fresh cleaning alcohol and latex globes in the air making your stomach turn. We all know a dentist has to go through rigorous training before they can perform any procedures but something still puts us off. From a simple check up or dental implants, sometimes the fear is intense. On top of the high prices for a consented torture session, you might be eligible for steamy negative feedback turned into a smarty pants lecture. From buzzing smoking drills to tightened braces, we’ve covered the highs and lows of every dental ordeal! While the fears surrounding going to the dentist are common, there is no need for them to persist. Dentists are very professional and handle their work with the utmost care, such as Vinterbro Tannlegesenter in Norway –

Fear of Needles
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Something about the needles in the scary silver base that looks larger than life. Let’s be real, those needles are everything but a pinch! And the aftermath of your drooling mouth on chapped lips is just as rough.

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Tooth fairy who? losing your teeth is an actual phobia. If you heard you’re in need of extraction and your heart sunk, you’re not alone, I threw a tantrum! The blood, pressure, and empty tooth bed; feel nauseous already? Not to mention complications that lead to dental surgery and possible stretches, ouch!

The Drill

The vibrating monster, shaking every brain cell while feeling your teeth almost fall out. Turning your mouth into a construction zone is everything your headache needs to feed on. Feeling tingling in your cheeks and nose lasts a lifetime.

Tightened Braces
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Although we’re mentioning dentists, we need an honorable mention to orthodontists. Being a brace face for 3+ years meant I had to starve every month after wire changes. Not to mention the pain you feel, like being trapped in Amanda’s reverse bear trap from Saw, one wrong move, your head will explode.


Toothaches can be compared to a broken leg, and nervousness about having a crazy cavity or an incurable disease is icing on top. If you’re lucky to never experience head throbbing pain, you’re the type B of people, you clinch in your seat ready for anticipated pain to come. You swear the pain is there or coming, you start believing it. Either way, after anesthesia fades, the sore sharp pain walks you into sleepless nights and endless headaches.


On top of feeling helpless and surpassing the awkward moment of questioning foreign objects in your mouth, don’t you ever want to kick them away? Seems like dentists have zero spatial awareness and the anxiety kicks deep of having someone breathing down your neck. Having someone play in your mouth walls and stretch your lips while having trouble breathing is claustrophobic.

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