Dine At These Dahab Restaurants For A Delectable Experience

As summer kicks into full gear, you’re probably thinking about planning your trip to a picturesque destination. Enter Dahab, the perfect escapist destination. And you truly haven’t been to Dahab until you’ve made your way across its eclectic restaurants. So with that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the top dining spots around Dahab for the ultimate foodie experience.


The first slow-cook restaurant in Dahab, Zanooba offers a delectable range of mouth-watering pots. Whether it’s their black pepper or honey garlic, the homey restaurant offers a wide selection with various pot sizes perfect for friends and family. We especially suggest slow-cooked Moroccan beef for its rich sauce. Be sure to head to Zanooba’s to learn more about their menu and pricing the next time you’re thinking about dropping them a visit. Contact them beforehand to make your order and a big tip is to make sure they have their delicious date tart available, their pink lemonade juice is an equal must.

Dai Pescatori

Italian gem, Dai Pescatori has got you covered with a wide array of delicious meals from pastas to pizzas. Our recommendation would be their seafood lasagna that perfectly blends the traditional pasta dish with seafood flavors. For the full delicious perusal, check their menu. The Italian restaurant has also just made its way to Cairo’s Maadi so be sure to check out their newest branch. The beauty of Dai Pescatori is that it’s tucked away by the beach.


Making a comeback after nearly a 12-year shutdown, Tota is got everything that a foodie desires. The playful ship-shaped restaurant serves a quick lunch menu that ranges from pasta to tacos and everything in between in addition to a full breakfast menu. Such as eggs, sandwiches and a variety of shakes to kick off your morning just right. Be sure to bump into the owner for a serge of bubbly energy and her homemade brownies.


Lemongrass, the vibrant restaurant serves all things Thai food. If you’re looking to have an explosion of earthy flavors then look no further than this Asian place with the most delectable Pad Thai noodles. Giving you an aromatic taste backed up by quite a relaxing venue.


Another Italian favorite is Eldorado. From raviolis to lasagnas, the Italian restaurant has a range of dishes for you to choose from; we particularly suggest their perfectly cooked risotto. You can thank us later after having a taste of their al dente yet creamy plate packed with that flavorful punch.

Red Cat

Red Cat, though not always open has to be a must on your Dahab itinerary. The playful restaurant takes you on a trip between Ukraine and Russia with its pirogi, borsch, and much more. Though Red Cat offers an eclectic journey around the world, we happen to be fans of their humble pizza. So if you happen to be paying them a visit, be sure to give that a try.


Dive deep underwater with seafood restaurant, Shark. Offering something for everyone if you’re not big on fish. From chicken to beef, pasta to vegetarian options, this restaurant has got it all. We particularly suggest the shrimps, however, for a finger-licking experience. Served in various ways; curry sauce, grilled, tajin, Shark will surely give you a delectable dish.

Ramez & Paola

Married couple, Ramez & Paola came together and created the eponymous restaurant where they cook Italian food with love. Serving pastas, pizzas and everything in between, the eatery has our stamp of approval for its authentic Italian flavors.


Though it may sound like you’re in for a seafood excursion, but Seaduction is actually a Lebanese restaurant. So prepare to be seduced by Lebanese vibrant dishes. If you want to get transported to Lebanon, this place is the go-to. Whether it is their delectable salads encompassing everything from fattoush to spicy potatoes or steaks and salmon, Seaduction caters to different tastes. Sometimes their service is a bit slow so be sure to order…early.

If you’re a Dahab expert, let us know your go-to spot.

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