A Round-Up Of Plays That Will Set You In The Perfect Eid Mood

With Eid vacation in full swing, that finally means time for rewinding with family and a whole lot of nostalgia. Nothing truly says nostalgia like hunkering down in front of the television, watching re-runs of Egyptian classic plays and munch on kahk. So here’s a round-up of Egyptian plays that will get you in that Eid spirit.

Madraset El Moshaghbeen (1973)

Starring iconic actors like Adel Emam and the late Ahmed Zaki Saeed Saleh, ‘Madraset El Moshaghbeen’ follows mischievous teenagers during high school as they drive their teacher crazy. This play was definitely one of the key roles that kickstarted Adel Emam’s comedy career.

El Eyal Kebret (1979)

Revolving around four siblings, ‘El Eyal Kebret’ is a funny play that tackles parental relationships as the kids try and fail several times to better their parents’ relationship. From Saeed Saleh’s comedic acting chops to witty one-liners, ‘El Eyal Kebret’ has become a play to watch on repeat.

Sok Ala banatak (1980)

Fouad el Mohandes’ ‘Sok Ala Banatek’ is like drinking a cup of hot chocolate for all of its cozy vibes. No matter how many times you watch it, el Mohandes never fails to make us laugh through the relationship he has going on with his daughters. Trying to get them all married before pursuing his own love interest. This play is the perfect one to watch with your father as you reminisce about your childhood.

El Wad Sayed El Shagaal (1994)

A Adel Emam classic because you cannot have too many of those on your Eid watch list. You can never get bored of following Sayed’s witty character as he makes the adjustment to a posh lifestyle.

Keda Ok (2001)

The newest one on the list. ‘Keda Ok’ might be a favorite play not only for it being fun to see how it brought so many big stars now together like Ahmed El Sakka, Ahmed Helmy, Mona Zaki, Sherif Mounir Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and Hany Ramzi in one production.

What’s your favorite Egyptian play?

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