Dima Jewellery Honors Egypt’s Beauty in Latest Collection

What better way to celebrate the endless summer nights in Egypt than with a jewelry collaboration between powerhouse Dima Jewellery and lifestyle bloggers Nour Aboulela and Anika Bozic Al-Sarraj. The Palestinian brand founded by designer, Dima Rashed, launched a jewelry line celebrating the beauty of Egypt’s North Coast.

Nour Abulela described the designer as a creator of beautiful blends between east and west with her art pieces to which she can connect to due to her Egyptian/Swiss/Sudanese/Lebanese origins.”Despite going through reforming times, Egypt is back stronger and more attractive than ever. Come to Egypt and feel the magic,” Paris-based Model, Anika Bozic Al-Sarraj, describes the line on social media.

The jewelry collaboration is a celebration of the iconic Egyptian summer days while revealing the country’s beauty and rich cross-cultural traditions. The serpent or snake has been used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. Dima Rashed once again uses jewelry as a universal self-expression tool.

WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you guys think of the collection!

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