Devastating Earthquake Strikes Southern Turkey near Adana

In a tragic turn of events, a powerful 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck near the southern Turkish city of Adana on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. The earthquake, which occurred, according to CSEM EMSC, at a depth of 12km, has left the region in shock and devastation.

The earthquake was located near the southern Turkish city of Adana, close to the Syrian border. Adana, one of Turkey’s major cities with a population exceeding two million has been impacted in experiencing damage due to the earthquake. This seismic event has caused significant damage and loss of life; the exact numbers are not official, but the scanning process is continuing according to the Management Authority Head.

Turkey has a long history of seismic activity due to its geographical location. The last earthquake was six months ago with a magnitude of 7.8 with 53,227 live losses. The World Health Organization estimated the number of people affected by the disaster at 23 million.

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