Desert Safaris, Picnics & More: A Winter Fueled Guide To Dubai’s Best Outdoor Activities

It’s January which means that the weather is finally cooling off in Dubai with temperatures dropping to an average of 20 to 30 degrees. This is the one time in the entire year when everyone can change up the summer routine of hitting up air-conditioned malls and restaurants and instead start heading outside for some action-packed and exciting activities. If you are visiting the Emirate soon, this guide can be a great way to make the most out of the cooler outdoor climate.

Hit Up The Sandy Desert

Knowing that Dubai lies within the Arabian desert and with temperatures cooling down, it’s definitely a great time to drop the sandy landscape a visit.

Camp Below The Stars

Sometimes we all crave a little peace and quiet, a respite from the hustle of daily modern life and in such moments, nothing can beat the allure of packing up some camping equipment and heading off to the desert for a few days of relaxation and solace. A great spot to hit up and pitch up your tent is Al Qudra Lakes, a man-made desert oasis strewn along the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. All around are artificial picturesque ponds, towering sand dunes, and rich greenery; creating a perfect setting for a bit of barbequing, some star gazing as well as overnight camping.

For such a trip, you will need to prepare accordingly and bring the needed camping gear including tents, sleeping bags, and torches. You can find such equipment at specialized stores across the UAE.

Go On An Adventure-Fueled Safari

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a fast-paced escapade through the winding desert known to all as the desert safari. Options are plenty when it comes to organized trips and excursions with each one offering a unique itinerary. With some packages, there’s the exhilarating option of going for some dune bashing in a large 4×4 or riding a quad bike which would then be followed by a relaxing traditional Bedouin dinner coupled with live entertainment. For the bird lovers out there, some tours also include falconry demonstrations by a seasoned expert.

As each package is different, prices can vary depending on what kind of desert safari you want to try out. A few tour companies that offer unique packages include Platinum heritage and Go Dubai Desert Safari.

Go on a Leisurely Stroll

Remember during the hot months of July and August when you would crave a simple stroll outside for some much-needed fresh air but would never dare step outside knowing the heated consequences? That struggle is over as there can be no better time than the month of November to put on your comfiest shoes and hit up the tarmac at some of Dubai’s most picturesque locations.

Palm Jumeirah

From the moment this 11 km boardwalk arrived along the edges of the Arabian Sea all the way back in 2016, it became a hot spot when it comes to sunset strolls and moments of self-reflection. Walking along, there’s the cool breeze, the luxurious hotels like the Atlantis, and The Palm lining one side of the boardwalk with the lapping sea on the other. Food trucks and kiosks also dot the pathway so if you get hungry, there are several places to hit up for a much-needed snack.

Prepare A Hefty Picnic Basket

Imagine yourself lounging among soft blades of grass as you gaze up at the clouds hiding the sun’s rays. It’s the ultimate way to unwind and it can be done at Dubai’s Al Barsha Pond Park teeming with rich greenery, a large artificial lake dotted with swan paddle boats, and a 1.5 km jogging track. At the park, there are plenty of great spots to lay out your blanket and set up your picnic basket whether it’s near the glistening pond or under the shade of its many trees.

Once you’ve taken in the sun’s rays, you can then go for a more blood-pumping activity by getting onto any of the pond’s swan paddle boats and tapping into your competitive side for a mini race across its waters.

Cruise Along Dubai’s Waters

From its beaches to its full-fledged marina, Dubai is no stranger to water-based activities, cruises, and trips. For a fun journey across the waters of Dubai, we’ve picked out two kinds of unforgettable boat rides for you to try out.

Hitch A Ride On A Multicolored Dhow Cruise

Sitting on the port of Dubai Marina is the brightly lit wooden boat called the dhow that set sails every night to give visitors a trip along the towering and glistening buildings of the Marina including Cayan Tower. Throughout the cruise, you’ll enjoy live music as well as a luxury dining experience offered through the cruise’s special buffet. Most of the boat tours would last for two hours and are offered at very reasonable prices that can range from 90 to 300 dirhams depending on the package.

Explore Old Dubai on a Traditional Abra

Dubai is not just known for its modern luxury whether its many high-end shopping malls or extravagant fine dining spots, the Emirate is also home to older, richer historical spots like its infamous Old Dubai district. If you want to step back in time to Dubai’s modest origins, then you should hop on an Abra, a sort of half boat, half raft mode of transportation that travels around the Dubai Creek and enjoy the likes of Deira, Bur Dubai, and Al Seef, that are considered the old beating heart of the UAE. The boat would take off at 6 am every day, taking 20 passengers on its journey. The best part is that the ticket is extremely cheap, costing only 1 dirham per ride.

With that, we have come to the end of this special jam-packed guide that will give you a taste of all that Dubai has to offer during its special winter season.

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