Dear Men, Women Can Drive Just Fine

If there is one thing men of the world agree on, it’s that women are lousy drivers. It doesn’t matter if she is a Formula One driver or if he doesn’t even know how to drive a stick, she will never be fit enough for a steering wheel.

Not only do Cairene women have to endure the lack of traffic rules, burning weather, microbus drivers and getting to work in an hour instead of 10 minutes, they also have to tolerate hundreds of misogynistic cave men accusing them of driving like zombies.



Whenever a street is blocked, a man immediately assumes it’s a woman parallel parking



It could be a million things — a stubborn donkey, an old man crossing the street, a karreta with a broken wheel or a street fight. Yet, it always comes down to a woman. That one time you saw a woman parking in the middle of the street or over a tree was a coincidence.



God forbid if women drive within speed limits, men honk, bang their steering wheels and pop forehead veins



If you think we are slow because we are incompetent, you couldn’t be more wrong. Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study showing that men are at 77% higher risk of dying in car accidents than women due to their carelessness. That one time a woman was actually too slow in the left lane of the highway and caused an accident was a coincidence. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, concentrating on the road and your safety is very important. So with this being said, even if is not your fault, it comes as no surprise to find that some people look for assistance from insurance companies like Progressive, in the hopes of getting all this sorted in the right way.



Men accuse us of sudden, unexpected, illogical movements


Three reminders for you: Ghorza, Takhmis, microbuses – all three testosterone, fatal insanity. That one time you suddenly saw a woman coming out of the bushes was a coincidence.



Not only are we careful drivers, we stay safe and inventive as well



Have you ever seen anything that glorious? A mobile under a veil. What safety trend did you come up with? That one time you almost had a stroke because a woman was fixing her makeup in the car was a coincidence.


Men envy Saudi Arabia, but would you rather run every single errand by yourself?



Driving kids to nurseries, schools, training, grocery shopping, handling literally every household errand without asking for your help is a privilege you are underestimating. Saudi men either pay thousands for a trusted driver or get stuck in a car after work with his wife driving her everywhere.



FYI: It takes us less time to reach a never-been-before destination



Why? Because we ask when we are lost and we know Cairo streets are bigger than our ego. That one time we couldn’t find that place in Tagamo3 and ended up going home was a coincidence.



“No, I‘ll drive,” said every man on the planet


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.39.20 PM

A man can have a cramped spine, a broken leg, about to faint and still insists on driving to avoid a woman behind the wheel.



And why do you make fun of the way we sit?


That one time we were almost sitting over the steering wheel was a coincidence.



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