Dear Hijabis, You Need to Follow This Sudanese Blogger for Daily Inspiration!

It’s hard to be a Hijabi and maintain that edge that makes you stand out when it comes to style. Fashion lines are not making it any easier. Whether it’s casual, nightwear, or sportswear, only recently brands as Nike and Gap started launching more inclusive collections to cater to different styles and beliefs.

I believe Hijabi bloggers have now become a huge deal. Women are constantly trying to find inspiration and pieces that will make their lives easier without letting go of their life choices. So, it’s only logical for hijabis with styling tricks up their sleeves to start blogging and make a living out of it. Hats off to all women out there trying to work their Hijab instead of surviving it.

I follow a lot of Hijabi bloggers and sometimes it’s overwhelming. It’s either layer on top of layer, too many distracting colors, turbans gone wrong, trying to make a non-hijabi outfit work with an under-top, or a simple case of trying too hard.

One of my favorite girls on the current Instagram fashion scene is Cleoturbana. The Cairo-based Sudanese blogger is a breath of fresh blogging air, and she is perfectly rocking each #ootd. Whether its street style, casual work day, swimwear, beach covers, or a wedding gown, she’s on top of her styling game.

This is how she randomly street-styles and the pieces that she’s wearing are not solely for hijabis. It’s just smart mixing and matching

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Amidst all the noise, there I stand. ? @najwan_hydr

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I’m not even a Hijabi and she makes me want to wear a turban and match her color coordination. This is effortlessly and visually attractive.

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Fall please stay ? @paulamelissaphotography

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Breaking news: This is a burkini!! Ever heard of styling a burkini? No? Well, neither have we, but it exists!

Another summer outfit that Cleoturbana rocked in Dahab, Egypt. You don’t have to lose your edge when you choose modesty.

Soirée gowns are a major obstacle in every Hijabi’s life. You can never find a demure dress. This dress is a major inspiration vibes, Hijabi or not.

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We got the swag sauce we drippin swagguuu ???

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Just look at that wedding gown by Amna ElShandaweely. It screams uniqueness, culture, and style.

Simply stunning and Cleoturbana brings something completely fresh to Instagram

WE SAID THIS: Dear Cleoturbana, please style me.