Food Review: El Agouza’s Mr. Koko Will Definitely Solidify Your Love for Fried Chicken!

Via Mr Koko

Muhandeseen, Dokki, and Agouza were always the perfect destinations for the best street food spots in Cairo. Places like Ne3ma and My Queen are classics that made this area the best place to head to for after midnight cravings or a late night out. While scouting the always busy and bustling area, my friend and I stumbled upon a precious hidden food gem in Agouza, that we’ve only heard of but never been to before, Mr. Koko.

Via Mr. Koko

Mr. Koko is located in a very narrow one way street in Agouza, that would be impossible for a Maadi resident like myself to reach by someone’s description without the help of Mr. GPS. It’s also a hassle to find a place to park but believe me, it’s totally worth it!

I live for fried chicken sandwiches and even though there have been a lot of new super cool options lately, Mr. Koko was certainly one of the best places I’ve been to. Once you get to the place, you’ll love the humble setting of the street restaurant and the friendliness of the staff. You’ll have the option of sitting on a table on the other side of the street or have your food takeaway and I highly recommend the first option. There are two kiosks beside Mr. Koko for your old school ‘Pepsi sarookh‘ to complete all the corners of the food crime and regret all those calories once you’re home.

Via Mr. Koko

The menu has a great variety of options to pick from, whether you’re in for a fried chicken meal, fried chicken pasta, or a fried chicken sandwich! They also have other options like burgers, hot dogs, and of course, grilled chicken!

I’ve tried three of their sandwiches; Crispy Supreme, Chicken Roll, and El Ekhtera3, which translates to ‘the invention’. One of the most critical things in a sandwich is definitely the fresh bread and fortunately, their bread was amazing! Every bite took us to fried chicken heaven with things getting messy from the crazy amount of cheese they have in the sandwiches.

Via Mr. Koko

My favorite was the Crispy Supreme, which was a surprise because my bet was on the Chicken Roll. A chicken roll sandwich would always be my first pick if I see it on any menu, as it contains two of my favorite things in the world, fried chicken stuffed with cheese!

However, Mr. Koko’s Chicken Roll was a bit mediocre, especially when compared to their amazing Crispy Supreme. My friend tried the Super Koko sandwich and he was highly impressed. Another surprise was definitely when we had to pay; the place is really budget friendly! Three sandwiches cost us less than a hundred pounds!

WE SAID THIS: Even if you don’t live near El Agouza, Mr. Koko is worth the trip! Also, there is another branch Haram.