Clothing Brand, Gap, Praised Online For Featuring Hijabi Student in ‘Back-to-School’ Campaign

Last year, clothing and retail tycoon, Gap, released a video celebrating American women from all across the United States. One of the featured ladies was Hybutallah, a girl who described herself as a passionate family-loving swimmer. The stereotype-shattering campaign went viral for all the right reasons.

This year, Gap did it once again and took inclusion one step further. In their latest ‘Back-to-school’ campaign, Gap features kids from P.S.153 in Harlem, New York, having fun while wearing Gap’s denim and shirts. The campaign was released last July, yet it recently started gaining attention online.


One of the students featured is a young hijabi girl, a move highly praised on social media due to the uprising Islamophobia. The photo shoot included black children wearing their naturally curly hair in afros and cornrows, which is another move empowering the younger generation. This is what real life depiction looks like.

WE SAID THIS: This is what the world needs right now, self-love, empowerment, acceptance, and inclusion.