Customer Claims Zara Egypt Charged More Than Attached Price Tag

Via Marwa Mohamed


This past year, Egypt’s market has witnessed a harsh rise in prices. It ceased to surprise us when stores charge for double or even triple the price we used to pay for the same product. Yet, we’ve been noticing an extremely annoying trend in retail stores, and this lady’s rant quite en-captures it.


Via Marwa Mohamed


Facebook user Marwa Mohamed was allegedly purchasing a perfume at Zara’s branch at Cairo Festival City. The item apparently had an old EGP 99 price tag attached to it and an EGP 119 covering the old price. This isn’t the strange part as many stores such as H&M have changed prices of products -even old collections- following the Egyptian pound floatation. The fishy part was Mohamed being charged for extra at the cashier desk without even noticing.


Mohamed was asked to pay EGP 149, and when she refused to pay for more than the price of the attached tag, the employees tried to remove the price from over the perfume, but she ended up paying just to out them on social media. The customer claimed that the employee tried to snatch the product from her hand, but she successfully managed to leave the store.


Now, we would be skeptical about this whole incident, but we had the same exact situation at Point 90’s H&M store. It is understandable that the economic crisis is causing chaos and non-stop changes in prices, but the least stores can do is respect the customer instead of forcing them to pay more as if they won’t notice.


WE SAID THIS: We have tried to contact Zara Egypt, and we’re waiting for them to get back to us. Let us know what you think in the comments section.