Concrete Over Greenery: Maadi Residents Speak up against New Highway Plans

A decision has been made to evacuate road 250 in Maadi from all the plants booths that lie along the street. The decision came as the beginning to start a plan of building a new highway in the heart of Maadi.

Road 250 is one of the most beautiful streets in Maadi. A quiet and serene road with plants booths and many old and rare trees along the street.

All these ancient trees are going to be eradicated with the plants booths to build a new highway. This new highway is meant to ease up traffic in some areas other than Maadi, whilst bringing this beautiful neighborhood nothing but more concrete, environmental massacres, and pollution.

While other countries work hard to preserve the neighborhoods that consist of character and individualistic vibes, these characteristics are being eradicated here.

Cairo needs less concrete and highways, and more greenery!

What can we do to save Maadi from the new highway?

El Maadi residents have started to invest their energy to reach out towards the decision makers, in hopes of averting this tragic decision.

A petition has been launched to speak up against the decision, and you can sign this petition by following this link.

This petition aims to deliver the voices of the community to the decision makers, in order to reach out and save the beloved neighborhood from a vague future.

What are the other options for the new axis?

The new axis would potentially transfer the traffic quickly to Corniche El Maadi, as the corniche is already jammed with traffic most of the time.

However, there is a possibility that this new axis would further exacerbate the traffic disaster on the Corniche even more.

In addition, the new axis has other substitutes that would provide the same benefits without affecting Maadi. This includes studying a plan to build a horizontal vertical axis around the deserted areas in Zahraa El-Maadi with bridges to cross the Nile, in order to transfer the traffic to Helwan, Giza, 6th of October, and the desert highway ألطريق الصحراوي, which also can connect with the ring road and central ring roads, and later on can connect to the regional road.

The above proposition would be very flexible as well as beneficial, with the great developments that have been done on the entrances and exits of Cairo.

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