Hend Sabri Thanks Egypt For Its Support To Tunisia During Its Struggles With COVID-19

Tunisia has gained the sympathy of the entire Arab world with its current struggles with the coronavirus. The number of Tunisians losing their lives to the virus is growing by the day and the number of coronavirus cases is increasing. Countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Libya and Algeria have sent aid to Tunisia. Saber El Rebai tweeted about the cooperation of Arab countries and thanked them. While Tunisian-Egyptian actress Hend Sabri shared a video thanking Egypt for the medical aid it sent to Tunisia. Many celebrities comment on her video, sending love to Tunisia and Egypt.

Tunisia’s health situation

This Saturday, the Tunisian Ministry of Health recorded a new death toll due to COVID-19, with 194 deaths. The total number of deaths reached 16,388 while the number of people infected with the virus is currently sitting at around 498,000 cases.

The pandemic is still at its peak in Tunisia with rising numbers of new cases and deaths. Almost every family in the country has suffered the consequences of the virus one way or another and only a few have received the vaccine. Tunisian hospitals have no room to hold any more patients and the Ministry of Health is under a lot of pressure, with limited resources. To help, the military is helping speed up the vaccination process, with the goal to vaccinate 20,000 people, prioritizing senior citizens and the chronically ill.

Hend Sabri

Egypt has sent two planes loaded with medical aid, vaccines, oxygen cylinders and supplies to Tunisia. And Sabri posted a video on Instagram, in which she thanked Egypt, its government, its people and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for helping Tunisia. She added that as a Tunisian and Egyptian citizen, she’s proud of her countries cooperating and helping each other.

She expressed her gratitude towards the Egyptian government, saying that she is constantly feeling the love Egyptians have for Tunisia.

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