Cinema Lovebirds: Here’re the Most Memorable Duets in the History of Egyptian Cinema

Many, if not all of us, decide to watch a movie primarily for the big names starring in it. And when it came to our favorite duets gracing the screen, it was certainly a whole new level of enjoyment and satisfaction. So, in appreciation to the long-time screen couples that made our childhoods (and adulthood) better, here are the top duets in Egyptian cinema.

Faten Hamama and Omar El Sherif

The all-time favorite lovebirds in the Egyptian cinema are undoubtedly these two, who were capable of making not just their generation, but also all the upcoming ones, fall in love with them, as well as learn about love through their romantic love stories (in their film plots as well as their real-life). Watch “Nahr El Hob” with steady supplies of tissues by your side since you’ll probably be sobbing into a bag of Doritos… no matter how many times you watch it! Honestly, a Faten-Omar romance is all you need to tug at one’s heartstrings!

Naglaa Fathy and Mahmoud Yassin

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With the undeniable heat and chemistry that exists between these two, combine them in one set, and we’ll expect nothing but greatness! And if you think their romantic tales have gone stale, think this through once again! Though they can come off as a bit cheesy sometimes, we can’t deny the star-crossed lovers got our tear-duct going, watching them helplessly separate during the romantic “Remember me” movie; and to our good fortune, this duo carried on for many more years, creating a thread of memorable movies that kept us entertained (and emotional) for a long time.

Shadia and AbdelHalim Hafez

There are so many key ingredients to making the perfect movie, and bringing along AbdelHalim Hafez and Shadia as the stars, is definitely one of them! The heartthrob Abdelhalim and the cinema’s most-loved Shadia were sure the perfect couple to teach us about love and pain of separation. With their tales mostly including so, their movies have surely become a part of our guilty pleasures that we secretly love despite the overly-romantic talk included between the lines.

Fouad El Mohandes and Shwikar

No one compares to these two when it comes to positivity and humor. Being in love in real life and married for a good number of years, this couple convinced us that not all love stories were meant to be normal. Spicing their relationship up with pranks and humor is everything! Hats off to these two for setting a benchmark and raising the humor bar high!

Mervat Amin and Nour El-Sherif

This is one of the loveliest couples that make up their own vibe in a movie. They’ve come a long way from starring in “Al-Baadh Yazhab Lil Maazoun Maratain”, “Betawqeet Al Qahera” and every other movie in between. They were certainly capable of sustaining their charm, charisma, and their perfect mix throughout the years.

WE SAID THIS: We can never have enough from watching those legendary duos gracing the screen!