Why You Should Get Your Cat a ‘Lion Cut’ this Summer


“Have you ever thought about getting him a ‘lion cut’?”  the vet asked, staring down at my long-haired Maine Coon.

I mean, yeah, of course I’d thought about shaving him. We’ve all seen pictures of the famous “lion cut” – is it not every cat owner’s secret fantasy?

I’d always fantasized about what Jack would look like as an adorable little lion, but I always assumed that lion cuts fell under the category of “unethical” – that it would somehow be objectifying to shave him without his consent.

But here is this veterinarian, a man who has dedicated his entire life to the practice of saving animals, suggesting that my cat will actually enjoy being shaved to look like a lion? I asked him if he was serious.

The vet went on to explain that he actually recommends lion cuts for long-haired cats during the summer. The cut is cooler for the cat on hot days and much easier for him to maintain. Moreover, it would make him “feel fancy”.

And let me tell you, the vet was right. The transformation in Jack’s behavior and attitude was nearly immediate. The first day he literally couldn’t stop purring and rubbing up on everything in his path. His energy levels increased dramatically. He owned the house.

He lost two pounds and his athleticism noticeably improved. He started playing with toys again and his personality perked up to kitten level. He fell in love with life all over again. The neighbors complimented him constantly, and he knows he looks good.


Here are some examples of little lions:













If you have a Persian or some other long haired breed, show him your love this summer and treat him to a lion cut. Especially in the Middle East heat, your cat will thank you.



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