Why Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem Are an Inspiration to Arab Women


The entertainment world currently has two main targets: verbal and visual provocation – achieving that shock factor, which consequently leads to viral content and abusing the concept of “sex sells”. Amidst this media environment that has nothing but a negative effect on women and how they perceive themselves, two Egyptian women stand out.

Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem, daughters of comedic genius Samir Ghanem, are the two most remarkable actresses on the scene today. If you are wondering why everyone is obsessed with them, let me break it down for you.



Contagious simplicity






When everyone else is draped from head to toe in sequins, these fine ladies make it look effortless. This is what you would call the girls next door. They represent many Arab women in the most real and genuine way. They manifest the quote “Less is more”.



Epitome of confidence



You can tell by the way they handle themselves in interviews that they know what they are doing. The roles they play have nothing to do with outer beauty and everything to do with demonstrating real women’s problems, which is a big deal in the entertainment business. Just compare Donia’s role in Al Kabeer and Amy in Heba Regl El Ghorab with what every other female actress plays in Ramadan TV series or, may I call it, beauty pageants.



Hard-working independent women



Any independent woman who works hard and doesn’t fool around is someone who should inspire not only Arab women, but females everywhere. At 28 and 30 years old, they are both established artists with impressive careers who managed to put a smile on our faces every time they are on TV. Donia is a working mom as well, how about that for success!



Never ones to rely on showing skin for a wow factor



Never have we seen either of them dressed provocatively or even playing roles that are centered on sex appeal, which is the exact opposite of what the entertainment business is about right now. They rely on one thing only, their talent.



Their humor and talent is a 100% real



No doubt their father’s career is an established platform they used for a jump start; however, that is where it ends. Unlike many actors’ children who are bombarded with sudden fame that dies shortly, these girls are genuinely talented, hilarious and Egypt’s darlings – and that has absolutely nothing to do with their father. They are here to stay.



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