You Can Now Milk Your Own Camel at Dubai’s Costa Coffee

Via Costa Coffee
Via Costa Coffee


How do you like your cup of coffee in the morning? Some like theirs black, others like it iced, and thanks to Dubai’s Costa Coffee, some will want it with a fresh squirt of milk straight from a camel or not.


Making the announcement in all seriousness in a press release on Wednesday, the coffee giants said that the camel will be available at the Jumeirah Beach drive-thru on April 1st and it will allow customers to milk it for their lattes, cappuccinos and everything in between.


We here at Scoop Empire though are 99.9% sure this is an April Fool’s joke. Sorry, Costa Coffee, but we can’t help but call you out on this!



WE SAID THIS: Get ready for “happy don’t believe anyone” day tomorrow!