Calgary Arabia: The First Arabic Radio Show Keeping the Diaspora in Canada Connected

Via Calgary Arabia

Today we’re highlighting a promising figure who is uniting the Arab community in Canada in the most innovative way. Noha Mohamed has been living in Canada since 2011, originally moving there to study marketing at the University of Calgary. Halfway through her degree, she created the first Arabic radio show in Calgary called Calgary Arabia.

As of now, the show has been on air for five straight years! Calgary Arabia is a weekly 2-hour radio show in Arabic that airs every Thursday from 10 PM to 12 AM (Mountain Time) on Red FM 106.7. The show was successful in creating a community that connects all Arabs in Canada through showcasing our arts and culture.

In just two years, the show reached more than 1.8 million people organically on Facebook. Throughout her show, Noha doesn’t only interview local artists, but she also went on to interview many celebrities from Egypt and the Arab world including Asser Yassin, Khaled Abol Naga, Basma, Tara Emad, Ahmed Fishawy, Ahmed Malek, Amr Salama, Hamza Namira, Najwa Karam, Mohamed Assaf, Ghalia Benali, Mashrou’ Leila and many more.

You can check out Calgary Arabia’s content on their Instagram page, and see how the show manages to highlight the best of the Arab world’s culture and arts.

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