Cairo Metro Authorities Announce Special Rates for Students and Seniors


Most, if not all, large metropolitan centers and cities possess comprehensive subway systems. Similarly, most of these city centers have special packages for different age groups. Students, young children, and senior citizens often get discounted rates, and/or special prices on annual and/or monthly subscriptions to the subway.


Engineer Ahmed Abd Elhady- Cairo Metro’s Official speaker – has officially announced the implementation of new rates for metro subscriptions, pertaining to students and seniors. Abd Elhady has stated that university students can gain access to Cairo’s metro service, for a monthly subscription worth 33 EGP. Abd Elhady also added that senior citizens can gain access to Cairo’s metro service, for an annual subscription worth 200 EGP.




Abd Elhady further stated that single ticket prices for senior citizens is discounted, at 1.5 EGP. Abd Elhady then explained that individuals with disabilities will receive better accessibility services, and will be able to buy tickets for only 0.5 EGP.


Generally speaking, Abd Elhady stated, there will be four types of metro tickets, each with a different color; the colors are used to differentiate between each type of ticket. For example, tickets issued to young children will have a different color from those issued to senior citizens, and/or tickets issued to standard adults, and/or tickets issued to students, and/or tickets issued to individuals with disabilities.



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