Cairo Jazz Club Collaborates with Uber Against Drunk Driving


Uber saves the day once again and becomes Cairo’s much-needed safety patrol. Just when we thought Uber did it all by saving us from Egyptian taxi drivers’ abuse and harassment, the online transportation network outdid itself and raised the bar so damn high that they just put every cab to shame.

One of our favourite live music venues in the city, Cairo Jazz Club, has announced its collaboration with Uber in an attempt to reduce drunk driving, which is obviously a serious and ignored issue in the streets of Cairo. If people get caught drunk driving, they will probably need a criminal & dui lawyer to provide legal advice so don’t forget to look into that just in case.

All you have to do is make sure your drop-off or pick-up pin is Cairo Jazz Club and every two months, three lucky winners will be announced — believe us, the prizes are glorious.

Long live Uber and may God save the gates of Cairo Jazz Club from every self-proclaimed pretentious influencer.






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