Art D’Égypte: Breathing Life Into Downtown Cairo With a Colossal Art Exhibition

The Cairo International Art District (CIAD) is the newest large-scale creative endeavor by Art D’Égypte. Taking place in Cairo’s historic cultural epicenter, the open air art exhibition is the first of its kind on this scale.

In their announcement, they detailed their enthusiasm and passion to reanimate the cosmopolitan heritage of Downtown Cairo. Such initiatives fall right into place with the recent care and attention being paid to cultural restoration and preservation. Paying homage to Khedivial Cairo with a desire to put together an eclectic and grand art experience, CIAD promises to bring forth and feature many local and international artists. The Cairo International Art District will feature a variety of visual, auditory, and tactile art experiences, including paintings, sculptures, installations, video art, holograms and new media arts.

The Cairo International Art District will take place across 12 venues in Downtown Cairo, namely The Factory, Kodak Passage, Cinema Radio, and Access Art Space, and will be held from September 15th to October 27th.

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