Why Albania is the Hottest Travel Destination for Egyptians Right now

All summer long, we’ve been flooded with Instagram stories and posts from friends and acquaintances in enchanting settings and scenery. Immediately, we think of the Mediterranean, but upon closer inspection, none of the gentle, sunny views seem familiar to the usual European travel destinations. This is because it is not the usual Euro trip. Albania is not the first search result when you google tourism in Europe, but it might just need to be.

Many Egyptians headed to the alluring country, seeking refuge from strict COVID-19 guidelines. Looking for the easiest escape away from paperwork headaches, the Albanian embassy announced that traveling is open for Egyptians VISA FREE. It only makes sense to jump at the opportunity to visit this gorgeous country if you’re an Egyptian. So, without further ado, here are some of the best places to go!

Ksamil Islands

Three small islands located off the Albanian coast, the Ksamil islands are nature in its most pure and uncorrupted form. The islands are accessible only by boat from the town of Ksamil, and are part of Butrint National Park. You can see why this island haven is a highlight to your visit to Albania. The Blue Eye Spring is the islands’ most important attraction and is a must in your visit.


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To keep the nature promenade, the northern city of Theth is located in the Albanian Alps. Outstandingly striking, the vibrant natural beauty of the region is enough to make your trip. Theth National Park is adorned with Grunas waterfall, and the mountain peaks of Thethi, Boga, Razma, and Vermoshi. We’re telling you, it’s worth it.


Tirana’s popularity comes from it being the capital of Albania. Most tourists’ first stops in Albania are in Tirana. With rich culture and history oozing from every inch, the city’s excellent food and friendly people make for a lovely stay. Surprisingly affordable, the city holds some of the world’s most impressive heritage sites, such as the 18th century Ottoman Et’hem mosque.

Prepared for your visit yet? What are you waiting for?

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