‘The Boy Who Dances with Dogs’ Is Back in the Streets of Cairo

Back in March, we heard the story about Abd El-Rahman, known as “The Boy Who Dances With Dogs.” The 11 -year-old was a homeless boy who lived in the streets of Downtown Cairo along with his loyal friends; stray dogs.


The story touched the hearts of so many Egyptians, and immediately after Youm7 published his story, the Ministry of Social Solidarity announced that they’re taking care of the boy. Businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima has also claimed that he is “adopting” the boy and will cover all his expenses.


In a shocking turn of events, the boy is now back on the streets and seems to be worst than he was before. A man named Gamal Shaker posted on Facebook that the boy is back on the streets, and that Abd El-Rahman has stated that he was abandoned by Abou Hashima.


ده عبد الرحمن "الراقص مع الكلاب" المفروض ان ابو هشيمه اتبناه وتكفل برعايته واتعمل ضجه اعلاميه وشووو لابو هشيمه انه بطل…

Posted by Gamal Shaker on Saturday, April 29, 2017


People in the comments section refused to believe that the Ministry, along with Abou Hashima would use the boy for a publicity stunt. Shaker posted a video interview with the boy to prove that he’s back on the streets.


الفيديو اهو عشان الناس اللى مش مصدقه ??عبد الرحمن "الراقص مع الكلاب" المفروض ان ابو هشيمه اتبناه وتكفل برعايته واتعمل ضجه اعلاميه وشووو لابو هشيمه انه بطل قومى …

Posted by Gamal Shaker on Saturday, April 29, 2017


In the video, Abd El-Rahman gets asked what happened, and his reply was “I don’t need to talk about it, people will understand what happened when they see this.” He is then asked why he left, and Abd El-Rahman answers that he didn’t leave, but his dad actually came to pick him up. He later adds that Abou Hashima wasn’t present that day, and that he sent people to look for him, but they didn’t find him.


Abd El-Rahman then says that he left his dad’s place and went to stay with his uncle and grandparents where they let him go. When he was asked what he wants, he said “his rights.”


It was earlier revealed that he left his home and became homeless because his dad was abusive, and the fact that his dad easily picked him up without any resistance from the new caretakers is baffling.



WE SAID THIS: To the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Abou Hashima, you now know his whereabouts again. What’s your next move?