Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity Promises to Take Care of ‘The Boy Who Dances with Dogs’

via youm7

The story of the young Egyptian homeless boy, Abd El-Rahman, went viral earlier today and made a whole nation, in a matter of hours, sympathize with the boy and try and help him.


It all started when Youm7 reported his story calling it “The boy who dances with dogs.” Abd El-Rahman went homeless after his stepmother started hitting him, and his father did nothing about it. His 9-year-old brother is reportedly homeless as well. He now lives with dogs and says life with dogs is better than life with humans.


The video went viral, and in only 16 hours, it received over a million views! The comments mainly went from people cussing the boy’s father, using it for animal rights campaigns, and more importantly, people wanting to help.


via youm7


In less than 24 hours after the story was published, the Ministry of Social Solidarity announced through Youm7 that they are taking care of the boy, and that they already issued him a new birth certificate, something he needs in order to find a job and feed himself, and the dogs.



WE SAID THIS: We wish him the best of luck and hope he’s reunited with his brother very soon.