Bloggers Rant About The Cannes Red Carpet Inviting Unrecognizable Arab Influencers

While The Cannes Film Festival has been gracious to our region’s filmmakers in 2018 and 2019, bloggers and fans seem keen to keep Internet-famous girls away from the iconic red carpet.

This week, filmmakers from all across the globe have been spotted at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Saudi blogger and founder of Shoes and Drama, Marriam Mossali, took to social media to express her anger that Arab influencers crowded the red carpet, when in fact they were unrecognizable.

From highlighting photographers completely ignoring the girls’ grand entrance, criticizing the “slutty” choice of outfits in Ramadan, to calling out brands for inviting girls with no inspiratational input or story to add to the festival. It goes without saying, all of the shade was done annonymously with a Kim Kardashian GIF on the ladies’ faces.

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#BrandsNeedToBeWoke: Brands! Come on! ??‍♀️ @bellahadid & the #FyreIsland crew were bad enough… but this is too much. Listen, take these influencers to cannes by all means ?? but don’t embarrass them & our region by having them walk the red carpet, please? *cringe* If u are going to send people that no international media know anyway, then might as well send someone with a story at least, such as an aspiring Saudi actress? An Emirati Director? A Kuwaiti producer? A badass scriptwriter *cough* lol jk I’m already #WorkingCannes like real work! ?? ??‍♀️ Serious though, what about someone the masses you are trying to reach can actually aspire to be like? I have a young saudi girl on my team & she summarized it well: she does follows these girls but their lifestyle is so far removed from her traditions that they aren’t people she could ever be like- or would even WANT to be like- so instead she’s influenced by women she can one day become: An Ambassdor to the United States? ? hey Reema! A social entrepreneur? A member of the Royal Court? A deep sea diver? Look, if u are a brand, I am inviting u to contact @nichearabia for a FREE list of names that could work with your brand… I’m done having the world think that us Khaleeji women are as just #KanyePlusOnes… I’m willing to give away my consulting Bc otherwise I’m going to break my fast with all this internal cussing in my head! ???‍♀️ ps. I wish I could share all the DMs from my IG stories.. I’ll just make them anonymous and use them during my consulting lectures! Lol #Truth #Cannes #TheDiorOfRedCarpets (you don’t see Chanel’s Nd Hermes doing this sh*t?? Just saying ??‍♀️) #CannesRedCarpet the #MetGala of #Film haha wait, I have more… #CannesFilmFestival the #FyreIslandOfMovieMaking lol ps. Just send these girls to the #MetGala! Leave film alone! Haha #مهرجان_كان #كان #افلام #عرب #السجادة_الحمراء #سوشال_ميديا

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Fellow blogger and founder of Street Style Dubai, Amira Ashour, shared her two cents on the matter as well. The mere thought of a nameless lady with a pretty dress allowed to walk the same red carpet as some of the film industry’s tycoons did not go well with her.

What do you think? Should red carpets be exclusive for cinema folks even if photographers chose to ignore Internet sensations enjoying the event? Should influencers be attacked for accepting brands’ invites? Or should have brands chosen relevant artists to endorse them at the Cannes Film Festival?

Many times may we add celebrities themselves do not get recognized on red carpets, it happens quite often. Multiple reports claimed that Colombian singer and heart throb Maluma was completely ignored at the Met Gala this year as no one knew who he was.

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