Blending Taste & Fashion: Adidas’ Latest Collab Is Ravi, Dubai’s Iconic Restaurant

When it comes to fashion, inspiration is derived from practically anywhere. Ranging from art to events and the latest being food, Adidas’ newest sneaker happens to be a collaboration with Dubai’s renowned Pakistani restaurant, RAVI. A delicious campaign circulating on social media; highlighting the partnership we never knew we needed.

Established in 1978 by Chaudary Abdul Hameed, RAVI serves not only authentic Pakistani cuisine but also Chinese and a host of other food from around the world that caters to food lovers alike. Marrying history and tradition to contemporary fashion, RAVI and Adidas have created Superstar RAVI which is set to launch next Thursday, the 23rd of June. Hameed reflected on the creative and exciting collaboration by stating the following:

“It’s humbling to see so many cultures and communities coming together to celebrate our traditions and roots through food. We’ve been feeding the people of Dubai for over 40 years, across different generations, and now bringing our story to the table in a different way is a moment for our family to be proud of.”

Chaudary Abdul Hameed, RAVI founder​

People from around the world have been celebrating the upcoming release of the sneaker by unboxing videos on their social media accounts and tagging RAVI. The creation of this sneaker has further epitomized how a copious number of people and communities are honouring RAVI but this time around it is in a different fashion.

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