Beit El Baraka: A Lebanese Supermarket, Free of Charge for Retirees

As a way to advocate for human respect and support, Beit El Baraka is a Lebanese supermarket that aims to provide amazing support, as well as aid to the hard-working senior citizens once they retire.

The supermarket was established in 2017 by Maya Chams Ibrahimchah. She’s always been known for her activism and passion for renovating old homes and heritages. Maya decided to take it further this time and began to help retired Lebanese citizens.

According to The 961, Maya felt like she had to act and help retired citizens who face poverty, abandonment, and harsh difficulties upon retirement. She asked her friends to help her set up the supermarket, restore homes, and look after those seniors in need.

The supermarket is also environmentally friendly, they don’t use plastic bags, but instead, they use large recyclable cloth tote bags for people to bring with them whenever they come by to shop.

I have to say that with the obvious lack of any governmental support, it actually warms my heart to see such initiatives like Beit El-Baraka taking place. An initiative that started with just one person who felt her own humanity wounded by witnessing the suffering of a fellow human being, and she decided to take an action and simply do something about it.

WE SAID THIS: Even if you don’t have enough money to start an initiative, you can always volunteer!