How Long Do Movers Take Cross Country?

Moving cross country is not an easy task and we mean both physically and mentally. People tend to get stressed and anxious while dealing with it and One of the main reasons for this mental trauma, is because people tend to plan poorly. The most important aspect to bear in mind when preparing for a cross-country move is to make sure you have practical expectations from the cross country movers about the delivery duration.

Understand those cross country movers are not the same as DHL or Blue Dart, they will not provide you with a live tracking system as that of a package. These moving companies will only be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date. Depending upon the distance they can take up to 2 months to deliver the goods.

What Exactly Is the Reason for this Long Delivery?

The biggest reason why cross-country moves take time is that your goods will not be shipped alone. Most moving companies try to collect furniture from multiple clients together who are moving to almost the same places. The furniture is moved in big trucks which consume a lot of fuel and in order to save money on it, they try to do multiple works in a single trip. So, depending on where your destination is, there might be a few other stops for the moving company which increases the duration. After all, they are also trying to save money.

Another reason for this long delivery is that moving cross country has different laws and regulations. The driver cannot drive continuously day after day, they have to rest. Not only because they need rest, but they have to rest lawfully after endless hours of continuous driving.

There are other reasons that might cause a delay as well, like bad weather conditions, traffic jams, accidents, truck maintenance, etc. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a Cross-country Move:

Give yourself enough time

Moving is a stressful job, especially a cross-country one. Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan everything out. We recommend having 13 to 15 weeks in hand before you move. There is a lot to execute, so start writing all every important detail and inform yourself when your moving company will deliver your belongings.

Research about the companies

There are several moving companies out there in the market, so you need to research them properly in order to avoid being ripped off. Google the company and check how people have reviewed them. Find out their strengths and weaknesses regarding their services, then if you feel good about the company, ask them for a quote.

NEVER select a company based on quote; remember that your furniture is expensive and quality of service is more essential compared to the price. The company providing cheap price might not include proper insurance. So, make sure you ask the company about the quote and clear any doubts you have.

Packing of your belongings

The large furniture will be packed by the moving company itself, but what about the small belongings? If you choose to do the packing yourself, then make sure you pack them properly. Create labels for each box so you can identify them upon arrival. Dedicate one box for you to carry it and keep all the essential daily materials within it.


There you go, there is all the information you will need regarding cross-country move and why they take time.

WE SAID THIS: Keep these tips in mind and we wish you a happy move!!