Begad X ElRadio: Marwan Younis is Back on NRJ to Make Our Thursday Rides Back Home Tolerable!

The funniest man on the internet is back for another radio show on NRJ and we can’t be more excited! After the booming success of Begad X Ramadan on NRJ, Marwan Younis will once again invade our cars, phones, and homes as he comes back to Cairo’s favorite radio station with another brand new show, Begad X El Radio.

The show will be live every Thursday from four to six pm; perfect dosage of entertainment while you’re on your way back home from work! We all know that Marwan can easily entertain everyone, especially after he did a live demonstration; making every single person in Egypt dance to his hit song, El Farafeer!

In a similar manner, Marwan owned the summer on a different level when he proved to be the funniest man on the red carpet during El Gouna Film Festival; with his live show, ‘Mesh Begad’! We have some rumors that the Begad Man is currently working on his own TV Show, and as soon as it’s confirmed, we’ll be the first to update you.

WE SAID THIS: Check out his new show next Thursday and let us know what you think in the comments’ section!