Bed Talks: Sex and Religion


Many of us shy away from thinking about the topics that have been labeled as “taboos” in our society, even when religion is not an accomplice in creating or enforcing those taboos.

On some level, society’s outlook on how we act, what we say and what we can or cannot do – in both our public and private lives – highly dictates our conduct and has more influence than religion on the choices we make regarding many situations, with sex being one of them.

Having done my research, I am fully aware now that although we might feel terribly awkward talking about sex or even “guilty” about wanting certain things when it comes down to it, religion plays no part in this awkwardness or this guilt we feel while our misconceptions of religion may do so indeed.

I recently had a conversation with a relatively open-minded woman who told me that she was sure that “sex between a married couple is an act which should be limited to the bedroom and should be done only with the lights off and under the sheets”.

This is a misconception brought about by society and its makeup as well as traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

In reality, religion actually encourages the wife and the husband to indulge themselves fully and entirely and enjoy this unity when it comes to intimacy, as long as both partners are enjoying each other and they know the few acts that need to be avoided.

Not yet convinced? I urge you to do a simple Google search about the topic and you will realize how openly and naturally people discuss these things with both Muslim and Christian clerics alike. Concepts such as mutuality, pleasure and exclusivity are preached and advised as a healthy part of a marital union.

So, in case you might be wondering whether or not you should be reading or – God forbid – learning anything from this column, rest assured that it is perfectly alright and might actually have a positive impact on your marriage in the short or long run.

Stay tuned for my next column – time to spice it up again!


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