Bar La Plata Earns High Praise From Gohar World In Latest Restaurant Review

Gohar World, founded in 2020 by Egyptian sisters Laila and Nada Gohar, has quickly established itself as a brand that offers a unique and quirky range of tableware. Step into the world of Gohar, and you will discover a delightful assortment of items that challenge your perceptions of what tableware can be. From baguette-shaped bags that add a touch of whimsy to your everyday style, to food-shaped candles, Gohar World’s product line is a witness to the power of creativity and imagination. Not only do they showcase their quirky collection, but they also feature captivating food-related posts that further enhance the overall experience.  

Among the recent posts on Gohar World’s platform, one particularly stands out, an ode to Bar La Plata. Located in the heart of Barcelona’s enchanting Gothic Quarter, this small restaurant has been a beloved establishment since 1945. What sets Bar La Plata apart is its simplicity and focus on quality. Despite having no menu, the restaurant has garnered a loyal following by serving only four signature tapas dishes. These delectable offerings include crispy fried sardines, flavorful butifarra sausage, a refreshing salad of tomato wedges and raw onions, and a pairing of anchovies with olives.

The interior of Bar La Plata is equally captivating, adorned with traditional Spanish tiles and furnished with a few wrought iron tables. It exudes an old-world charm that transports patrons to a past era. During the summer months, the restaurant spills out onto the pedestrian-only street Carrer de la Mercè, creating a lively and friendly atmosphere. 

Bar La Plata’s commitment to simplicity and quality showcases the essence of traditional Spanish tapas culture. Whether you’re looking to adorn your dining table with unique pieces or seeking an authentic tapas adventure, Gohar World and Bar La Plata are destinations worth exploring for any aesthetic or culinary enthusiast.

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