Baby Shark Song Is Invading The Middle East Faster Than Starbucks

Just when parents across the world thought public tantrums and kids’ secret social media accounts are their worst nightmares a baby shark comes along. And just as every baby is somwhere between cute and annoying so is the baby shark.


This year on Mother’s Day, telecom company, Vodafone, released a spot on ad that is basically every parent’s life with the song playing in the backcground. Yet, it seems the Middle East’s sky is the limit for the unconventionally viral song and it just landed in Dubai’s biggest attraction.

The Dubai Fountain decided to play every child’s favorite song at 8 PM. We can’t imagine the mesmerizing effect this show will have on kids. I promise you they will leave everything in hand and stare into a shark oblivion. This only the best decision ever made by anyone who has feelings of compassion towards parents.


Another sensational hit that was added to the show this year is I’ll Never love Again song from the movie A Star Is Born. It was supposed to be a Valentine’s special, however the song continues to have it’s own Dubai Fountain show.


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