We Asked Twentysomethings Which Classes They Regret Not Paying Attention To

Via Credit.com
Via Credit.com


Ever gone through an experience when you realized it would’ve been much easier if you had paid more attention to this or that class several years ago? We asked six Egyptian people about the classes they would have paid more attention to if they get back in time, and that’s what they said.


“Every time when I have to pay money at the grocery store and I don’t have change, the cashier gives me an amount of money and I just can’t mentally calculate the correct amount I should be receiving. So I just pray the guy is honest and leave. I know I should’ve paid more attention in mental math.”


“When I’m in a microbus and get assigned to collect the money, I always get confused and never know who needs how much and it ends up being a mess. I sometimes just give it to the person next to me and explain to them that I can’t calculate. I should’ve not skipped classes in high school, especially math ones.”


 “I regret not paying attention to Arabic lessons; when I write a supposedly funny status on Facebook and someone corrects my ridiculous spelling mistake in a comment and gets more likes than the actual post. Talk about embarrassment!”


“One time I was in a very intellectual gathering and talked about Egypt being larger in size than Saudi Arabia. Do I need to tell you what happened next? I think I was completely ignored until the end of the gathering.”


“I was once very enthusiastically talking about this TV star and told my friends how she changed ‘360 degrees,’ they told me ‘Lama, 360 degrees means that she didn’t change at all, darling.’ I was so embarrassed…would it have killed me if I paid a little attention in geometry class?!”


“I was in Germany and kept saying “du” (you) to an old man, howa bassely men fo2 le ta7t and he kept shouting words that I barely understood but he was upset that I told him “du” instead of “sie” which is the polite way of saying you in German, the other word “du” is informal and only used between friends.”



WE SAID THIS: Dear school students, take it from us, spare yourself the embarrassment and focus in school. We promise that it will pay off – well, almost.