The Art of Letting Go


People will always tell you, let go and move on, but turns out things aren’t as easy as they seem. Any relationship starts casually. Best friends turn into boyfriends, acquaintances turn into best friends and people you fall in love with become your soul mates. Letting go is not necessarily restricted to ex-boyfriends, sometimes you just need to let go of people who are toxic, the ones that consume you and your emotions. Here’s how to open to up to new possibilities.

1. Give yourself a deadline

After countless sleepless nights, restless days, and the feeling of being emotionally exhausted, one day you will just wake up and feel nothing. No, not actually nothing, but you will feel like letting go is the best cure for the current you. One day, you will finally wake up and realize that people come and go and that your life won’t stop because this special one decided to walk away because things didn’t work out. If you’re still holding onto an old relationship, give yourself a deadline, a day or a month that you will completely stop thinking/feeling the same about it. Promise yourself that it’s about time that you look out for yourself and actually let go. Challenge yourself and trust me, when you actually succeed, it will just feel great.

2. Let it out

Sometimes you just lose your sense of right and wrong. It’s always alright to seek help and express your feelings. Sometimes what you need to hear the most is the thought that you keep blocking out intentionally. Truth isn’t always pretty. Invite your girlfriends for a girl’s night in, just talk about it and pull yourself in the moment. It’s amazing how you will feel after you let things out of your system.

3. Forgive and forget

To forgive is to let go. Find a way to sabotage your bad memories with that special person. Letting go doesn’t mean you will/should stop loving this person. It’s tempting how people can dwell on the past and do nothing about it. Jump out of your own shell and comfort zone, it will feel ten times better when you replace regret and guilt with peace and forgiveness. Remember the good more than you remember the bad. What goes around comes around after all.

4. Do good, and good will come to you

Believe it or not, we are truly in the age of impurness. Never let it get to you though. If you ever feel unappreciated, don’t go down that road. Your value doesn’t decrease due to someone’s inability to see your true worth. Don’t settle, never change in a negative way because of someone or something that ever happened to you and value yourself.

5. Keep yourself busy

Engage in any kind of activities that will enrich your mind and soul. Try yoga or take dancing classes. Keep your mind off of what is bothering you, so you can minimize the time you spend thinking. Have the power to stop the negative thoughts and focus more on yourself.

6. Give yourself a break

Hey, it’s not the end of the world. If it didn’t work with that person, doesn’t mean it will never work with anyone else. You might as well find someone who will actually make you even happier. He might be a good person but not just good for you. Relax and give yourself a break between relationships. If you don’t, you will end up hurting yourself and the other person too.

7. Discover yourself

Post breakup or during the relationship, we tend to be overwhelmed about almost everything. Focus on yourself and your qualities. If you need to zone out and have more time on your own, then just do that but don’t let it consume you. Balancing is the key. Connect more with people in your life that truly love you. At the hour of need, you will truly figure out the people who genuinely care for you and figure out their effort to lift you higher. Show them how much you appreciate their support as they’re the ones that matter the most. The best is yet to come!


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