Are Car Plates Worth the Millions of Dollars That Arabs Spend on Them?

Via Arabian Business

Arabs have been known to spend real fortunes on trivial and unnecessary items, just to live a luxurious life many only dream of!

From exotic pets to special edition cars and private islands, Arabs literally spend their money on anything you’d think of. According to The Richest, some of the most expensive purchases by Arab princes include the Bat Mobile, Tony Hawk’s skateboard, a Boeing 737 with a throne room, and a diamond covered Mercedes!

Via Gulf News

But of all the expensive items that Arabs buy, I can’t understand why they buy exorbitantly priced car plates. Last month, there was an auction in Dubai for special plate numbers, where people spent millions of dollars just for a unique car number! During that auction, one Dubai-based businessman paid almost nine million dollars for the car plate number 5.

That wasn’t the only car plate that surpassed a million dollars! As the number Q77 was sold to an Emirati bidder for $1.23 million, while P27 was sold for more than half a million dollars! Everyone is free to spend their money as they please, but imagine how useful this money can be if it was spent on anything that is slightly more useful than a car plate! World hunger, scarcity, diseases, civil wars, education, and the environment could definitely be a better investment to spend your money rather than having a cool number on your cool car.

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