From Zel to Bab Al Hara: Here Are 5 Arab Ramadan Shows Worth Your Time

Ramadan is the equivalent of the US Super Bowl when it comes to entertainment, whether it’s the race for the best Ramadan TV series, most gripping talk shows or best advertisement theatrics. With various streaming platforms local Egyptian audience are now more exposed to shows from all around the region and these shows are not ones we want to overlook this Ramadan, so if you have time in the midst of the tens of local shows aired this Ramadan squeeze in from this selection of top Arab series. Grab some Qatayef and tune with me.


This Syrian show features the legendary Actor Jamal Soleiman who plays a character attempting to get over his lover’s suicide. One of the main attractions of the show is the diversity in characters and how they develop given the socio-economic situation. The chemistry between the characters on set is infectious, a riveting romance.

Goka Aziza

Another Syrian show that follows the true story of, “Aziza Khokha,” played by Nesreen Tafesh. The story in this case is more interesting than the execution, dancer Aziza Khokha was an awe-inspiring woman during the French colonization of Syria. What makes this show unique is Tafesh’s portrayal of such a well-known figure and her ability to stay in character from the way she talks, walks, and interacts with people throughout the episodes without ever breaking character or providing a melodramatic or over the top performance.

Till Death

Lebanon also has a number of fascinating shows that tell their own storylines. “Till Death” is a suspenseful drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Why did we decide to include this show on our list? Well, the show has a lot of twists, and as you watch the episodes, you’ll notice that the genuine intents of more and more characters are revealed. This is the second season, with the first one being a tremendous hit. It may begin slowly, with events occurring only every now and then, but it gradually improves.

Bab Al Hara S12

This is the Middle East’s longest-running television show, now in its 12th season! We can’t discuss the cast because they’re giving us their typical high-end performance, but we can discuss the storyline progression and how this show has lasted longer than any other in the region. This is a unique show since it embodies and became a part of our Arab identity, particularly the Syrian one. So, whether you’re a fan or not, and whether you saw the first season or not, make sure to watch some of this season’s episodes because they could be the final ones, or start at the beginning and continue the legacy.

Kasr Adem

Sorry, but Syrian television shows are taking over and there’s nothing we can do about it! Kasr Adem has created an action-packed thriller with a tale that perfectly depicts the extent of corruption that exists in society and how some police officials abuse their authority to smuggle illegal goods. There is enough conflict, drama, and action to keep your attention and make you binge-watch the entire season.

Now that you have the full scoop, you now have even more shows to watch this Ramadan.

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