From Radwa El Sherbiny To Sherine Arafa: Here Are 6 Talk Show Hosts Changing The Game

Women presenters are taking over the talk show scene and we’re all for it. The Arab world has witnessed fierce female journalists taking over with talk shows that offer riveting interviews, Lamees El Hadidi comes to mind with her journalistic background and ability to conduct well-rounded interviews that leave the audience engaged and informed. Let’s take a look at top Arab female hosts and their programs.

Scoop with Raya

Raya Abirached, a skilled TV host from Lebanon, has made a name for herself in Hollywood thanks to her genuine style and persona as well as interviews with Hollywood A-listers. Abirached keeps her interviews light asking celebrities about their work and treading lightly when it comes to their personal life. But how did she do it, and how did she become well-known in the Hollywood community?

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Her interview questions and approach go deeply into the actors’ and actresses’ performing methods and interactions with each other. Abirached also tends to throw some jokes around to loosen up the guest as she prepares to get to know them personally before diving into their works and upcoming projects. Her interview style is light to watch and the choice of guests is always on point. She is a true role model for a lot of people as she started her own career through hard work and uncompared commitment to her job. Moreover, her show, Scoop with Raya, is shown on MBC2 as well as on YouTube.

Zaafaran & Vanilla

What is the most direct path to happiness? Is it cars or music? It isn’t either! Chef Ghada El Tally couldn’t agree more that food is the most direct path to happiness. El Tally is a gifted chef who, unlike any other, prepares a fantastic chicken stuffed tortilla. She is a television host on CBC Sofra, and her show, “Zaafaran & Vanilla,” is a brilliant success that has captivated many viewers mainly food lovers.

What makes Chef El Tally very special within the cooking world is that her recipes are simple yet very effective. She shows recipes from all around the world for various food and desserts while making sure to keep it simple. El Tally’s chocolate chipped cakes are really something out of this world, they look good and we followed the recipe. El Tally has really grown over the years growing her expertise so that she is now one of the most famous chefs in Egypt.

Heya w Bas

Radwa El-Sherbiny of Egypt is an unstoppable force that no one can rival. She is self-assured and expresses herself openly on her show “Heya w Bas.” Her show covers a wide range of topics, including sexual harassment faced by Egyptian women, as well as fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle issues. Her daring tone and approach to her guests distinguish her from the pack, as she converts her episodes into an easy chat packed with knowledge and stimulating debates.

Her interviews are sharp and her personality is very much present on set. She plays devil’s advocate and asks simple questions, but her guests and audience are left wondering and thinking about how this topic might be tackled from several perspectives. Heya w Bas is currently airing on CBC Sofra and can also be found on YouTube.

Let’s have a chat

She’s funny, hilarious, and defying all the norms! Sherine Arafa is a content creator who has been making hilarious videos mocking various sad realities. Her new show, “Let’s have a chat” takes us into the lives of celebrities and how they feel about fame and social media.

Her episode with Actress Dina El Sherbiny was heartfelt, as Arafa was able to create a welcoming environment in which El Sherbiny felt comfortable discussing several themes that are very personal to her. Arafa’s charisma and personality allow her to provide rich content that is both amusing and educational. This is not her first show as she previously had her own show “cut the crap” where she hosted actresses to talk about a variety of issues within Egyptian society as well as their journeys to a healthy lifestyle and how this reflects on their careers.

Al Sira

Wafaa El Kilani is an Egyptian television presenter who has garnered fame through her entertaining show “Al Sira” which talks with actors about their journeys and how their artistic careers started. She’s smart, and her questions always get her guests going. Sometimes too emotional, but sometimes fun and exciting. Al Sira is one of the many shows El Kilani has hosted and this shows how experienced, smart, and ambitious this woman is. Want to know how successful she is? Just try to ask any random person on the streets of Egypt if they know her or not. The majority will recognize her as she is someone who built her own path and became part of an industry where it previously was dominated by men. El Kilani broke this taboo and paved her own path to success. Some may find her questions too intrusive or shocking for the sake of it but they make up for exciting conversation.

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At times her interview style can be provocative but most times they cause interesting debates between her and her guests. This is the perfect show for people who are seeking to know more about actors and can be found on DMC.

Weghet Mazar

Ola Roshdy, the talented Egyptian actress has been a force to reckon with in the Egyptian cinema industry. She’s been in numerous movies and TV shows and mesmerized us with her great and exceptional performances.

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Her show, Weghet Mazar brings her with actresses to talk about common issues that parents, and especially moms face with their children. One of her episodes that featured the superstar Mona Zaki talked about other methods of medications that we as Egyptians have held close to our heritage as it gets passed down from our ancestors. Roushdy goes around and asks people on the street whether they would use such methods or stick to what modern medicine dictates nowadays. Definitely worth the watch and you can find all the episodes on Youtube.

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