Arab Music Makers React To Daft Punk’s Breakup

The time has finally come. Daft Punk, the French electronic group first formed in 1993, have finally called it quits. Their musical journey which lasted for about three decades, have left us with numerous upbeat hits and rhythms. We’ve danced to it in our cars, in our kitchen, in the clubs, and pretty much anywhere else. You might be familiar with hits such as “Get Lucky,” “Technologic,” “Da Funk,” “Robot Rock,” and the list is endless!

The 90’s band has served as an inspiration for numerous bands and artists globally, and we’ve asked several prominent Arab musicians to share their two cents on Daft Punk’s breakup with the following questions:

  • How have Daft Punk influenced you in regards to your choices of music style, and how have they paved the way for your productions?
  • How do you feel about the breakup, and what does this mean for the music industry today?

Scroll down below to see how these artists reacted!

A-Squared Musicaa

“For sure they were one of the main and if not, the main influence for us. From putting the “French house” genre on the electronic map, to putting the electronic music there next to the main stream music, and taking everyone by storm in their breathtaking and legendary Coachella festival performance. Next to all the main stream bands, pop stars and rappers, and bringing the future to the main stage with their killer performances. A very sad day for us and for every electronic music lover for sure. A very sad day. We are currently shocked with the news. And we are just waiting to see if they are completely off or at least we will still get music from one of them, or hopefully both. Surely the industry will suffer a bit as Daft Punk always used to push the bar in the music industry. They bench marked several eras and inspired a lot of music producers, including us.” – A-Squared Musicaa


“From when I first really started listening to music, Daft Punk were already there. The “Homework” and “Discovery” albums were constantly on repeat for me on CD. This continued with me when I later got into DJ’ing, I was always playing “One More Time,” “Around the World,” “Digital Love,” “Da Funk,” and till today these records are still finding their way into my sets. Their sampling and simple approach of music production, especially with “Homework” and “Discovery” always teaches me that less is sometimes more.” – Misty


“Daft Punk were one of the most influential acts of all time when it came to dance music. They fused genres and dared to be different. Dared to take chances that really inspired me in production, but also as an inspiration to find my own style and voice. It’s sad because they had so much more to give the world musically. I will continue to be inspired by the music they have given us. True legends!” – Ashibah

The Gawdats

“Daft Punk truly influenced us since the very beginning of our journey. When we first listened to “Around the World,” we were blown away by their sound and style which were very unique and different back then. Their performances and shows were mind blowing. That’s why we got very inspired by what they do. They were a true inspiration for everyone in the music scene, and we always felt that they were way ahead of our time. It’s sad to hear about their breakup since they were true legends in this industry, and of course their tracks will always be remembered as some of the biggest hits in the 2000’s.” – The Gawdats

Kitchen Crowd

“Well in the 90’s, I was really into the French house scene and Daft Punk were right there front and center. The way they seamlessly fused funk, rock and disco with electronic music and synthpop really showed me there were no rules when it comes to producing music. As someone who has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades myself, they really inspired me to ditch labels in production and performing. Of course, we’re all sad to hear the news, but all good things must come to an end right? As a creative, I understand how it feels when inspiration becomes a rarity, so when you feel you are done, you’re done. And that’s that. As an optimist, I’m just grateful for what they have given us, and the fact that timeless tracks like “One More Time,” “Around the World,” and COUNTLESS others still feel current and relevant, says it all. The music industry will always be grateful and inspired by Daft Punk.” – Kitchen Crowd

Abou Samra

“Daft Punk have revolutionized the industry with their music. I believe they somehow influenced any musician or artist starting off in the past decade. My generation definitely got lucky having two musical masterminds paving the scene for us. I always look for inspiration around me, and by going through groundbreaking old and new music while creating my own sets and productions – Daft Punk are always on the list. After 28 years of huge success and innovation, the music industry has progressed massively with the help of the revolutionary and fearless duo Daft Punk. It’s a huge loss for all music lovers. I don’t think they will be replaced ever, but of course their music will always live on.” – Abou Samra

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