Arab Culture Simplified!

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By Shadab Khan

The Arab world expands over 20 countries with a population of more than 200 million people. Arabic, the mother tongue, is a fascinating language mostly spoken in the Middle East and North Africa. Arabs have a strong history and culture and have contributed a lot to this world over the years; from food to science, you name it.

That being said, let us take look at some of the most interesting facts about the Arab culture.


Arab is not a race



You might have heard people commonly using the word ‘Arab’ as a term that is used to describe the race of those who hail from certain places from all over the world. It not only leaves a feeling of embarrassment but it is just oblivious. If you are planning to spend time in the Arab world, then, after the requirement of an Arabic translation company, you need to get your facts straight so that you wouldn’t end up offending anybody. In fact, ‘Arab’ is a cultural term that is used to describe the people who speak ‘Arabic’ as their mother tongue.


Not all Arabs are Muslims

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You might be familiar with most of the Arab figures in the west who are Muslims. Because of which, it is very easy to assume that all Arabs are Muslims. To some extent, people believe that ‘Muslim’ and ‘Arab’ are interchangeable terms, which is not actually the case. Future Trans eases the process of language translation of various countries offering the best Arabic translation services.


Arabs love bling

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It is very rare to find an Arab walking with the least jewelry on. This is because Arabs love their bling and love to invest in beautiful jewelry. Particularly, Arab women are known for donning decorative clothing and stunning jewelry for almost all occasions.


Body language has meaning

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Body language, regardless of the culture or the country, has a meaning. In Arab culture, it has some extra importance. While you are shaking hands, extend your right hand and hold the hand of the other person loosely. Greet your close friends and family members with a hug and kiss on both the cheeks, only if you are of the same sex.

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