Apple’s Newest iPhone Feature Aims to Replace Your Car Key

By Nour El-Miligi

The most essential connecting item to the car is undoubtedly its keys which have been developing and changing throughout the years; from a physical item to a remote one. However, technology has currently taken it to a whole new level. Apple has recently released during it’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday the new iOS software “CarKey” feature. It will add a digital car key on iPhones and Apple watches, allowing users to unlock and start cars, replacing our traditional car keys!

The first car offering the new technology when it goes live will be the upcoming BMW 5 series that is to be available in stores next month, aiming to further expand the feature to other automakers next year.

How it Works

Pairing process occurs through the “Wallet” application on the iPhone device, which will enable you to use Face or Touch ID verification to open the vehicle. Throughout the conference, Emily Schubert, Apple senior manager explained that the new apple technology relies on the concept of  Near Field Communication (NFC) that enables near devices to exchange data wirelessly. The owner of the car will simply need to place his iPhone on the car’s charging pod and push the ignition key, according to reports.

Additional Features

The new feature will enable users to share virtual car keys through iMessage with five others, giving you the ability to choose between providing full or restricted access to the driving profile that controls horsepower, top speed, and radio volume. BMW relieved customers even further as they stated that there is a power reserve that will make your phone device function up to five hours after the phone battery dies.

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