In Pictures: Hala El Sharouny Brilliantly Portrays Imaginary Life Versus Reality During the Lockdown!

Today we stumbled upon an artistic trip of creations by the talented visual artist, Hala El Sharouny. Hala is one of the most gifted artists in the art scene right now who made a solid name for herself through her intriguing topics and unique style. The artist created a series of paintings that visualize the imaginary life she misses versus the reality she lives in as a result of the lockdown. The series serves as a visual diary of what she wants to do versus what she’s actually doing.

“As most of us artists are stuck at home, many artists started painting their imaginary lives and their real lives during the pandemic,” said Hala. She misses partying and night outs, she also misses going to the beach, so she painted a picture to portray her hopes.

She then adds the realistic part of the series, her actual life during quarantine, putting on face masks, chilling with her cat, and drinking coffee while listening to music! This brilliant series definitely captured our attention, and we can’t wait to see more from Hala!

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