App Introduced in Dubai that will Make Every Resident a Lifesaver!

via KhalifaBenDrai

By Febronia Hanna

Dubai’s Immediate Response project partnered with the Dubai Future Foundation. They are to produce an AI-based application that will help Dubai residents identify the symptoms and predict the medical case if they ever experience an emergency. They can also assist if they witnessed one before the ambulance arrives.

via Emirates Falcon Security Systems

The aim of the application is to reduce the response time. The least time recorded by an ambulance is above 4 minutes, and through this app, the manufacturers hope that they will be able to provide an immediate response. Trained citizens will be able to use the app, and with time, more and more citizens will be able to do it too, and very soon every resident will be a potential lifesaver.

They are currently implementing the regulatory framework that will allow them to initiate the app with coordination with Dubai Police, Community Development Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Telecom Regulatory Authority, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, health insurance companies and application developers and that might take them about 24 months.

WE SAID THIS: Many Arab countries still fight for standard healthcare services but not Dubai, It strives for perfection!